Friday, February 03, 2006

Our mayor's richer than your mayor

Reuters is reporting that Mayor Bloomberg "has made a $100 million donation toward stem cell research in the latest quiet move against his own party's policies."

Bloomberg is a billionaire and a Republican, but he is, of course, the classic RINO - Republican in Name Only. On all the big social issues, gun control, abortion rights, gay rights, he leans nice and liberal. He actually only became a Republican because he knew the entrenched Democratic establishment had too many candidates running for mayor his first time around, and he wouldn't have stood a chance in the primaries. In the weak NYC GOP, he went right to the top.

And, even though it always pains me to pull the Republican lever, I did vote for his re-election. Not only because I like his policies, but he passed that lovely smoking ban in bars. Remember when you used to come home from a night out at the bars, and your hair and clothes would be reeking of smoke? Way to go, Mike!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I remember that, it was only a few years ago. It was disgusting. You wouldn't smell it when you came home but the next morning when you woke up - yuch.

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