Friday, February 03, 2006

Nosy bastards

No, no no!

I got emails and comments looking for details of the Thursday night blind date, but, sorry, folks. Ix-nay on at-thay.

I basically have nothing to hide on the blog, but I don't talk personal details involving other (non-famous) people who could be identified, like friends or acquaintances or even blind dates – that wouldn't be fair to them.

(Well ok, I might point out when some of my buds are a tad spacey sometimes, but that's different. And even that's done with code names.)

So, no comment, I don't kiss and blog. Not that I'm even saying if kissing was involved, but you know what I mean.

You want titillation, go read The Enquirer. Hey, I'm hearing Britney may even be preggo again. Now, trust me, that's much more disturbing than a blind date.

And jeezus, people, I'm off the blog for one night and the abortion debate somehow fires up again in comments? Well, at least I didn't start this one.


Anonymous said...

You're no fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm betting kissing WAS involved.

Anonymous said...

Come ON! We need some excitement in our lives...we're all rooting for YOU :-D

Anonymous said...

You can tell some details without saying her name you know.

Anonymous said...

I think hes out probably drinking again! I wonder if that crazy comment person who is outraged about drinking knows - she will get all pissed off again haha

Anonymous said...

hey now! who said the crazy person is a "she"?! sounds more like a nutjob guy ;-p

Anonymous said...

I tried to set two friends up last night and one ended up making out with someone else on the dance floor. Ouch, snap!

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