Monday, February 27, 2006

Lies? From the Bush administration? I'm shocked

A newly released report shows the Coast Guard raised security questions about that proposed deal for Dubai to take over operations of several U.S. ports.

"Coast Guard intelligence officials in December raised the prospect of significant security risks associated with the takeover of some American port operations by a Dubai company, saying in a previously undisclosed document that broad "intelligence gaps" prevented them from even assessing the possibility of a terror threat."

"The breadth of the intelligence gaps also infer potential unknown threats against a large number of potential vulnerabilities," said the document released today at a Senate briefing into the port deal. It showed that Coast Guard analysts were worried about the backgrounds of employees of the company, Dubai Ports World, as well as the potential for foreign influences over the American ports and their use for terror operations."

This is, shall we say, just a wee bit different than the administration assertions that all the agencies that had to review the deal before approving it had said there were absolutely no security issues involved.

It's hard to believe these fuckers lied to us, isn't it? Why, it just doesn't seem like the way they do business.


Anonymous said...

haha - and where were you all day mr. jbk??

J said...

NO-SEY. Just very busy today, actually, dealing with divas and scoundrels as always :)

Anonymous said...

lol divas? Do you work in the opera business?

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