Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm going to turn this car around if you kids don't calm down back there

People, people. I leave the blog unattended for a few hours to enjoy a lovely sushi dinner, and come home to find all hell has broken loose.

It's actually quite fascinating, though, to see what gets people riled up these days.

I posted a while back on Sam Alito and abortion rights, and, of course, got lots of fiery comments. But that's such a hot button topic, it wasn't a surprise. I think issues like that, and the Bush regime in general, are good things to BE fired up about, the more passion in the discussion the better.

But shoes? New Jersey?


First of all, the “Working Girl” post was (I thought) an innocuous and amusing little one about what I saw as a fairly unusual fashion concept. From there, a joke in that post's comments section about New Jersey, a bizarre digression into shoes - and all of a sudden it's downtown freakin' Baghdad.

Folks, I tease New Jersey, but I'm only kidding. It's a nice state, better than – hmm - about 38 others, I would say.

Seriously, I have had some fun times at the Jersey shore (Bar A - holllaa). And, believe it or not, I like the state and most of its people just fine.

So everyone, take a deep breath.

Keep the anger directed against the real enemy.


Now there's a shitty state.


Not a hipster said...

JBK, don't you know by now that you can't leave Bally and I unattended?

Anonymous said...

I'm not the one who has to argue and shout down every post YOU make and he wasnt even talking about you in this post anyway unless you were arguing about shoes too not a hipster -which wouldnt surprise me.

Not a hipster said...

Not arguing, just pointing out a flaw in your "fact" about Robertson. I notice you had nothing to say about how Israel does not, in fact, consider him a friend. They want nothing to do with him.

I was making an obvious joke about you and I being left unattended. Too bad you didn't get it.

Did you read the entire article about Israel cutting ties with Robertson? Did you read my favorite part? I'm dying to know what you thought....

Anonymous said...

If youre talking about me, it was the NY anonymous that started the fight.

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