Sunday, February 12, 2006

I hope the people in 23-L don't resort to cannibalism

Big blizzard in New York last night. Big! Huge! It's like the big one of 1823 or something.

Ehh, not really.

But people sure do love to panic, though. I went out to get the paper today, and swung by the Key Food to get some orange juice, and you would have thought Manhattan island was going to be cut off from the mainland for a year. The place was jammed, and people were frantically scooping up milk and canned soup. It's amazing the way folks rush out to get supplies when there's a bit of snow.

I always wonder what they think is going to happen? That the food supply chain is going to be severed for a week? That they'll be trapped and starve in their apartments, only to be found by Con Ed workers in a month. Have they ever run out of food anywhere near 2nd Avenue in the past because of snow? What brings this hysteria on?

The supermarkets always seem to be well stocked. The Chinese restaurants and pizza joints always seem to be able to deliver. I just don't get the hubub when there's some white stuff falling in the city.

Oh well, I've got a case of wine (Big River Shiraz – ahh, good stuff, and a very reasonable price, may I say), and my freezer, as always, is jammed with more Omaha Steak packages than your average Nebraska restaurant, so I don't really worry.

Let them eat filet mignon, I say. Medium well.


Anonymous said...

I love the snow! At least when its coming down at first. It gets tiring fast though after a few days of it.

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to ski through Central Park when it gets like this.

Anonymous said...

I would love some filet mignon right now. Snowy weather always make me hungry as hell.

Anonymous said...

It's just cold where I am but I think I would like snow once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Ok, it's miserable out there. I just got home and had to walk 12 blocks, there were no cabs. I HATE THIS!!!

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