Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hey Georgina, I voted for your dad, you know

The daughters of our billionaire mayor are buying a palatial retreat in Bermuda, next door to his palatial retreat in Bermuda.

Mike Bloomberg’s daughters, Emma and Georgina, have filed an application with the Bermuda Minister of Home Affairs to buy The Jungle, a 1.7-acre property next to their dad's $10.5 million mansion.

According to the Daily News: “A Bermuda real estate agency described The Jungle as an "exquisite property" and "magnificent house" with a large galleried living room, replete with a cedar railing balcony leading to the bedrooms.”


“Bloomberg, a billionaire with a private jet at his disposal, has getaways around the world, including London, Vail, Colo., and North Salem in Westchester. His primary residence is a snazzy townhouse on the upper East Side.”

See, I’m definitely moving in the wrong circles.

My friends don’t have a pot to piss in. When we go out for drinks, half the time they conveniently don’t have quite enough to pay the bill – yes, I’m talking to you!

No two ways about it. I have to hook up with one of the Bloomberg girls. I think Georgina is still single, and, may I say, looking mighty cute these days.


Anonymous said...

lol - you're just a gigalo

Anonymous said...

I always pay my share when I go out!

Anonymous said...

With all rich people you have to ask - Are they really happy? FUCK YES!

Anonymous said...

hehe she doesnt even know you exist jbk. You need to be Eurotrash probably or one of those Paris Hilton boyfriend sleaze types to get in with that crowd.

Anonymous said...

Now, now. You should want a poor but honest girl not one who lives off her daddy!

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