Monday, February 20, 2006

God Bless the President

Not the current fucktard, of course, I mean the good ones in history like Washington and Lincoln, who gave us this holy three-day weekend.

A relaxing day off from work and mattress sales. What more can you ask from a holiday?

I had a delightful brunch at Uptown today, an east side martini bar which usually doesn't open for lunch during the week, but today, for the holiday, it did.

And a clarification on the jeans post from earlier. Some emailers and commenters are saying that the picture is not of Levi's. Who knows, it's probably not. I was just using a stock photo of a girl in jeans with a great butt. And isn't that really the important thing in the whole jeans issue?


Not a hipster said...

JBK, once again you gave me a good hearty laugh. I really must use the word "fucktard" more often. Especially when referring to our dear leader.

And shame on you for rubbing your day off in our faces. I only had time for a quick piece of greasy pizza, then I had to get back to giving old people sponge baths and making sure the sweet little crazy ladies didn't wander off the unit.

Anonymous said...

hehe fucktard is a good one! not a hipster - what do you do? Do you work in a retirement home?

Not a hipster said...

No, thankfully, I work in a hospital. It's a cardio-telemetry unit, so our patients are people with chest pain, shortness of breath, recovering from heart surgery, etc. Most of the patients are over 50, but we get the occasional youngster.

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