Thursday, February 09, 2006

Do I have an evil twin? Of course, maybe I’m the evil one?

They say everyone in the world has a double. And mine might actually live here in New York.

I went to the Time Warner Center for lunch today, and, as I was walking in, I passed a guy in the lobby who was just getting off his cell phone. He waved at me, put out his hand to shake, and said, bizarrely enough, “There he is, the horror movie expert.”

Now, I had absolutely no clue who this fellow was. And, although I’m notoriously bad with names, I can usually get faces. But this was bringing up nothing.

When you forget the name you can often get away with the old – “Hey YOU! How are you doing?” Sort of like Jerry Seinfeld did that time he couldn’t remember the name of a girl he went on a date with, except that it rhymed with a female body part. (Although none of my friend’s names rhyme with clitoris). Hopefully, you can proceed to have a normal conversation and pray names just don’t come up again.

I also know a few people who work in that building at CNN, so I’m shaking this guy’s hands, thinking, “Crap, who is this who seems so happy to see me. This is certainly embarrassing.”

Then, as he continues babbling to me, he stops, gets visibly embarrassed and starts apologizing profusely: “Oh, I’m so sorry. I thought you were the guy I was waiting for. You look exactly like him! I mean exactly.”

Do I have an evil twin, like half the people on soap operas seem to?

And, of course, in my cynical way, I then began wondering, hmm is this some sort of scam, or is he hitting on me, or something. (And I certainly can’t blame him for that – hah!) But, he really seemed genuinely embarrassed by it all, so I think he was legit.

I was tempted to go up those escalators and wait on the 2nd floor balcony and watch to see who came in to meet him. But, alas, a ridiculously overpriced lunch was calling my name, so that won out over my curiosity.

But, I’m telling you right now, if you hear of me doing anything weird – it’s my evil twin.


Not a hipster said...

So, what DO you look like? I'm curious if it at all matches up with what I've imagined.

J said...

Like Bush's illegal wiretapping, that info is classified for national security reasons...

Anonymous said...


Not a hipster said...

Aw, come on. On my blog you can see a picture of me doing the ass-slapping cowgirl move. If I can embarrass myself for the sake of humor, you could at least give a description. :)

Anonymous said...

Well there's a surprise that you tried to imagine him not a hipster. Maybe you can watch porn while you do, that's what youre good at I think.

Not a hipster said...

Um, I have a picture of you in my head too. How does that relate to porn?

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