Monday, February 06, 2006

Couldn't be happening to a nicer guy

Ralph Reed is truly one of the slimiest people in Americans politics today. For years, he was a top advisor to that freak Pat Robertson, and was tapped into the whole rightwing Christian evangelical cadre that runs a big part of the modern Republican party.

Reed is running for lieutenant governor in Georgia, and, given that state's GOP-leaning ways, had a pretty good chance of winning.

But, alas, he has gotten himself tied up in the whole Jack Abramoff scandal, with new details emerging almost weekly about a multitude of sleazy deals he was doing with the now-indicted lobbyist.

Now, his poll numbers have plummented, and The Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that about two-thirds of the state's Republican caucus is urging Reed to withdraw from the race. They fear if he stays in, he could cause a massive wipeout for their party on election day.

Jack Abramoff. The gift that keeps on giving.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering when the first Republican bashing comment of the day would be made. And if you insist on continuing to make fun of and denigrate Christians like Pat Robertson then you and your ilk will continue to lose election after election. And Ralph Reed has not been charged with any crime as far as I know. Youre commiting libel and he ought to sue you.

Not a hipster said...

I was wondering when the first JBK bashing comment of the day would be made.

Webster defines libel as "a statement or representation published without just cause and tending to expose another to public contempt." The Republican party is the one asking Reed to drop out of race. Their "just cause" being that he is tied to Abramoff. Where, exactly, is JBK committing libel?

Want to talk about Pat Robertson? Here's a quote from him: "Just like what Nazi Germany did to the Jews, so liberal America is now doing to the evangelical Christians. It's no different. It is the same thing. It is happening all over again. It is the Democratic Congress, the liberal-based media and the homosexuals who want to destroy the Christians. Wholesale abuse and discrimination and the worst bigotry directed toward any group in America today. More terrible than anything suffered by any minority in history."--Pat Robertson, 1993 interview with Molly Ivins

Now, Bally 107, try to forget for a moment that Robertson is comparing the "plight" of Christian's today with that of Jews in Nazi Germany. He is saying that Christians have suffered worse than any other group of people have EVER suffered.

I don't remember seeing stories in the news everyday about Christians in America being tortured, killed, even raped for being Christian, even worse than the slaves were tortured for being black, and even worse then the Jews being murdered just for being Jews.

Another interesting note is that Robertson's argument is similar to the argument that Hitler made against the Jews: That Jews were oppressing his Aryan brotherhood and that he had had enough.

So, Bally, next time you are wondering why our "ilk" "denigrate" people like Robertson, try to remember what we're basing our dislike for him on. He thinks that liberals are really hurting conservatives more than anyone else has ever been hurt? Please.

Not a hipster said...

One more thing. I'm wondering if you, bally 107, know what an "ad hominem" argument is? It's a "logical fallacy that involves replying to an argument by addressing the person presenting the argument as a basis for the argument being incorrect, as opposed to pointing out a flaw in the argument."

The jest being that it's an attack on the person rather than the argument.
Goes a little like this:
BLOG POST: "So and so is being asked to drop out of the race."
IMMATURE COMMENTATOR: "So and so is right and a better person than you are so he should sue you for saying that."

Don't attack the person. If you disagree and you must get your thought on record, then actually say what your idea is and why. If you must respond, talk about the idea presented. Maybe that's why you feel everyone is trying to keep you quiet. No one is, I'm personally just tired of you talking and talking and really not saying a damn thing.

Anonymous said...

Way to go not a hipster. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who is getting pissed off by bally 107. I havent seen he or she - whatever the hell it is - make any interesting comments or any posts that made me say, hm they have a point. It's just silly name calling and saying our side is better than your side nananana. I swear, it's like listening to an 8-year-old in the school yard. I dont even understand why he/she keeps coming to this blog, wouldnt you be more comfortable on a rightwing blog, bally? Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. G-d forbid anyone disturb the Bush bashing and Christianity bashing lovefest going on here. And of course, once again, I get told to go somewhere where I will be more comfortable. Well guess what, no! Not a hipster for your information (since you claim I never give facts) Pat Robertson is one of the biggest suporters of the state of Israel. Did you know that? No I didnt think so. That FACT would interefere with your little story about how hateful he is. And when your pal jbk calls Ralph Reed one of the slimiest people in American politics, I would like to know what FACTS back that up? You say hes been tied to Jack Abramoff, well so have lots of politicans. But I havent seen Ralph Reed be charged with any crime and for jbk or even the Georgia party to tell him to drop out of running is shameful and I hope he sues for libel and slander too.

Not a hipster said...

Love fest? Oh, there's no love fest here. Unless, of course, someone wants one. I am liberal and all... ;)

(I'll give Bally a moment to pray for my salvation....)

Again, you're not responding to what I really said, you're just creating a new "argument" and attacking me. Please re-read the definition above of an ad hominem argument. Get back to me when you're done.

PS--I don't know why you say everyone is telling you to "go somewhere else." Just because someone is sick of you just insulting and not actually debating doesn't mean "go away." Quite the opposite, in fact. I've welcomed you to my own blog, and even asked you if you only post on blogs that are disagreeable to your views, or if you post on conservative ones, too. You never answered my question.

Not a hipster said...

PPS--Bally, you said, "But I havent seen Ralph Reed be charged with any crime and for jbk or even the Georgia party to tell him to drop out of running is shameful and I hope he sues for libel and slander too."

I'm confused, did you want him to sue JBK or the Republican party in Georgia?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why you seem so fascinated with my posts or where I do them not a hispter, but I'm glad I'm reaching you and maybe one day you will learn:) You say I didnt respond to you, but you didnt respond to me. I asked you if you knew Pat Robertson is one of the great friends Israel has ever had in this country? So much for him being a hater. But you didnt answer that of course. It wouldnt be convenient for your "argument." And I think Ralph Reed should sue jbk and whoever led that move in Georgia to tar him as some sort of criminal, when I repeat again he has not been charged with any crime and I would love someone to show me where he has been.

Not a hipster said...

Oh, bally. When will you learn how to stop?

Pat Robertson is no friend of Israel.

Make sure you scroll down and read the part where Hartuv says, "We will do business with other evangelical leaders, friends of Israel, but not with him." (Meaning Pat Robertson.)

Oh, and my favorite part....wait for it comes: Robertson's comments about Sharon also drew condemnation from other Christian leaders and even Bally's pal, President George W. Bush.

Are you still going to talk about Robertson's unrequited love for Israel? Gawd, I hope not.

Not a hipster said...

Sorry, wrong link. Let's try this again:

J said...

Bally. First you dont seem to have a working clue as to what libel is. I see not a hipster tried to explain it to you, but it didn't seem to get through to you.

How on earth could the fact that I pointed out and linked to an Atlanta Journal report that the GOP (in Georgia no less!) asked Reed to withdraw from the campaign could possibly be libelous, is of course, not even worth debating any more. They did, end of story.

If you are implying my calling him one of the slimiest people in politics today is somehow libelous – wrong again. Not the nicest thing in the world, granted, but, alas, true. He is indeed slimy, he is slimy personified, and if I had the energy right now, I would be happy to give you all sorts of reports of his sliminess, including emails he sent to Abramoff that fit the very definition of the word SLIMY. Maybe I will in a future post. But I had sake tonight. Yes, drinking again, bally.

And yes, not a hipster is of course right about that whole “friendship” that some of these Christian evangelicals show toward Israel. It ain't what it seems. We are talking end-of-times visions here. They see Israel and its destruction as a prelude to the rapture. Friends? Uh, not quite.

And finally, Ralph Reed, for better or worse, is a public figure. It is incredibly hard for a public figure to be libeled, unless false and malicious comments were made, with the writer knowing they were false and malicious. Unfortunately for you – and Reed -- nothing I said about him was false. But, hey, if you want to forward this blog on to his campaign and let them decide if they want to sue for libel, go right ahead. The publicity, frankly, would be lovely if they did. Good night.

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