Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheap bastard note to self

Always try to remember to go to an expensive restaurant for lunch the day after Valentine’s Day. They often give away roses, left over from the night before when they present them to the ladies.

I appropriated one and gave it to the receptionist at work, who now loves me even more!

She did a solid for me this morning on a Fed Ex package and I was going to bring her a Tasti-D-Lite, but, you know, when you think about it, this is really healthier, and also gives her a chance to show off a little.


Anonymous said...

heh yes, you were really just watching out for her health :)

Anonymous said...

anonymous - why do I get the feeling you are a guy too!! cheap bas&*^#s :)

Anonymous said...

I'd probably rather have a rose than a Tasti but you should have told her you got it for free jbk!

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