Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bush-bashing, NYC life, stupid media, wacky friends? Yes, yes, yes, yes

We got an influx of new visitors when Salon linked to the looting and pillaging post yesterday, and, as always, I received several emails from people wondering what the hell this blog is supposed to be.

So, if you really care, and are apparently really bored, I will just send you back to this previous post, made last week after Gawker did a link to the infamous porn on the subway incident, and which tries to explain this mishmash we call too saucy. Otherwise, carry on.


Anonymous said...

haha - I'm not even into political stuff too much, but some of your stories are funny.

Anonymous said...

Who are you kidding? About 90 percent of your stuff is Bush/Cheney bashing, and the rest is about your drunken friends. And the only media stories I’ve seen are when you bash Fox or Rush Limbaugh, the most popular talk show host in the country.

Anonymous said...

SHUT UP!!! bally 107

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