Sunday, February 05, 2006

All signs to the contrary, I'm not totally clueless, you know

Ok, in quick response to some snarky emails and even a comment or two, yes, I do appreciate the irony of my shout-out to Betty Friedan appearing immediately after a post about 20-year-old Argentinian models. As the kids say - duh.

Even though they were made about 10 hours apart, I realize they may indeed seem a tad incongruous.

First, though, I think this is quite typical of the rightwing - how even a good word for a dead person becomes grounds for a political argument.

But, more to the point, I'm not sure why appreciating a smart, influential feminist should somehow preclude also appreciating hot girls?

And finally, if you read the timestamps on the posts, you may also note I was not online most of the night (Saturday). I was quite busy. So, if you will excuse me, I'm going to go run a bubble bath now for these two hot Japanese girls I met in the Flatiron district tonight. We're going to read some Kierkegaard by candlelight. And DRINK!

Ahh, wouldn't that drive some of you crazy.


Anonymous said...

hehe - yeah in your dreams!

Anonymous said...

I cant even imagine the sick dreams he has.

J said...

Oh bally, you're right - you can't even imagine what goes on there mwhaha

Anonymous said...

jbk don't even encourage bally107 by responding to his comments.

Not a hipster said...

Oh, but it's so fun to encourage her!

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