Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Treo 650 vs 700?

My contract with the lovely folks at Verizon Wireless is up soon which means I'm eligible for the $100 refund if I renew with them. I'm eyeing the Treo smart phones. There are two offered by VZW, the 650 and the new 700. Any phone geeks out there with advice on whether it's worth spending the extra bucks for the 700?


Anonymous said...

Try this site. it's a good phone forum:
But I'm a Motorola guy so don't know anything about the Treos. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Not a geek here but I heard that the 700 actually has worse screen resolution than the 650, but lots of other features are better, so I guess it depends what you will be using it for.

Anonymous said...

The advantage with the 700 is high-speed Web browsing with the EV-DO network, but remember you'll have to rock the $45 data plan for that. But the 650's screen is 44% higher-res and is considerably brighter, the keyboard is a little better, and it's easer to use.

For individuals, I'd go with the 650 for ease of use or the Verizon XV6700 for power if you want to do heavy Web browsing - the XV6700 has a great keyboard, and both EV-DO and Wi-Fi (whoo!) Click link for more info.

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