Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stand clear of the closing door...

Is Tom Coburn the wackiest little Senator? Listening to him on the abortion stuff during the hearings today, I kept thinking: "Ok, don't make eye contact. He'll go away soon. We're almost at 59th Street." Just like I do when one of those abrasive homeless guys get on the 6 train and start haranguing everyone, and all of a sudden you start paying a LOT of attention to the Doctor Zizmor ads.

Update: someone emailed to ask who Dr. Zizmor is. I forgot if you're not from the city and ride the subway, the name, the man, the legend!! means nothing.

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Anonymous said...

Love Dr. Zizmor, but he doesn't compare to those Spanish language AIDS cartoons on the A train. Ay ay ay!

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