Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Some people claim that there's a woman to blame...

I went out for margaritas and Mexican last night on the Upper East Side with a bud. Let's call her “Corky.” She's one of those cute, sorta wacky, bubbly girls who chatter away a mile a minute and laugh a lot, but, every once in a while, break out in tears and you're never really sure why.

As a quick aside, to give you an idea of her wackiness, I was running pretty late to get to the bar, even though it was only a few blocks from my apartment (hey, I get distracted sometimes), and she calls me and whispers, “I'm talking to a cute guy who's here, and he asked if I was waiting for someone, so I told him I'm waiting for my brother. So when you get here, you're my brother.” Now, who knows why she couldn't just tell him she was waiting for a friend? But ok, I'll play along. Of course, 5 minutes after I get there and get introduced as her “brother,” the girl he was there waiting for showed up and proceeded to get cozy with him. Good times.

Anyway, Corky told me her horrendous New Years Eve tale. Long story short – not that she was able to make it short - she went out to Denver to spend New Years with one of her best friends, who had recently broken up with her boyfriend. She spent bucks to take time off from work, book a flight at the holiday season, etc. It was just one of those thoughtful things girls do for each other. (Guys, ehh, we don't do that stuff so much.)

But, just before she was heading out there, the Denver gal got involved with a new guy, and, you can see it coming, when Corky got there she was basically ignored by her friend, who only had eyes and time for her new boy. So she spent about a week trying to have some fun in Denver, without a car, and without her friend.

It's the age-old question, I suppose -- are you one of those people who will dump your friends at the drop of a hat for a significant other? At the extreme opposite, of course, are the folks who are always out with their friends, and rarely seem to want to spend quality time with the s/o.

Well, the challenge is finding that happy middle, making some boundaries, figuring out where your priorities lie. Ideally, your mate and your friends get along famously -- but it doesn't always happen. And, even if it does, sometimes you still have to set aside time for your buds.

So even though I like to tease Corky, I have to say that flying across most of the continent to comfort an upset friend at the holidays deserved better treatment than being shunted aside for the guy of the moment.

Then again, Corky got her revenge when she was out there – at the Coor's Beer factory tour no less. But, I can't really talk about that on a family blog like this.

As she triumphantly told me, she violated the secret “code of girls.”

Who knew they even had one?

You gotta love 'em.

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