Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Shiny, happy people

There's an interesting and somewhat depressing article in the Washington Post today about a town in Utah where George Bush remains incredibly popular. The town gave him 95.6 percent of its vote in the 2004 election, and, although his polls have plummeted nationally because of Iraq, Katrina, the economy, etc., in Randolph, Utah, W remains like a god.

A telling moment is when the reporter, providing some color in the article, sets a scene at a local diner. When a passing tourist orders a sandwich with Dijon mustard on it, the counterman says they only have regular.

When the tourist leaves, the counterman is quoted: "Dijon mustard," Louderman says as the woman drives away. "I don't know what Dijon mustard is. Don't care to find out, either."

That, sadly, is an all-too revealing mindset of the Bush fan. Set in their ways, and not even curious to try something new. Proud of being provincial. Dijon mustard? Don't have it, don't care to even know what it is.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't tell from your post which was worse.....voting for Bush or not knowing what Dijon mustard was.
I'm one of the shiny happy people that live in the small town of Randolph. I'm a registered Republican voter and I vote in each election. I don't consider myself set in my ways at all. Before each election I carefully consider each candidate running for office. I vote for the candidate I feel will best represent me and my ideals.
I'd vote for a Democrat if I thought he/she would represent my beliefs and ideals better. However, I don't think Al Gore or John Kerry did that. So....President Bush received my vote in the last two elections.
Does that make me set in my ways? I don't think so. I think it shows that I'm an informed voter.
Oh and I do know what Dijon mustard is......I just prefer "regular".

Anonymous said...

I dont see his point being that someone didnt know what dijon was, it was that the guy in the article made a point of saying they didnt care to know. This blog makes fun of NY a lot so I dont think hes making fun of Utah just for the hell of it.

Anonymous said...

You say you're not set in your ways, I'm just curious - what would make you NOT vote for a republican? I can't even imagine.

Anonymous said...

Hey Utah guy, I think either one is equally as bad, voting for Bush and not knowing what dijon mustard is. They are both examples of a close minded little person. Sorry.

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