Monday, January 23, 2006


No particular reason for this post, other than it's a somewhat cold, damp day in New York, and, when the weather is like this, I always end up thinking of animals stuck out in the city streets, maybe hiding under a parked car for warmth, so I wanted to take a minute to remind you all if you've got some extra bucks this month, perhaps you could consider giving some to our furry friends via shelters, where they are often picked up after being abandoned, or rescued from a horrible abuse situation. They always need our help.

If you can't read the copy on the ASPCA ad there, by the way, it says: "Whatever you can imagine, we've seen worse."

Here are some groups that allow you to donate though their web sites with your credit card. Or you can mail them a check the old-fashioned way. They did some good work during Katrina, rescuing lots of abandoned pets trapped in New Orleans, but, sadly, animal abuse and abandonment is an ongoing problem every day.



The Humane Society

The Animal Rescue Site

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