Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Press 7 to delete

You know your handy cell phone with the anytime minutes and the unlimited long distance and the cute ring tones? Ehh, not so secure.

"For $110, Locatecell.com will provide you with the outgoing calls from a cell phone for the last billing cycle, up to 100 calls. All you need to supply is the name, address and the number for the phone you want to trace. Order online, and get results within hours.

Carlos F. Anderson, a licensed private investigator in Florida, offers a similar service for $165, for all major telephone carriers.

"This report provides all the calls with dates, times, and duration on the billing statement," according to Anderson's Web site, which adds, "Incoming Calls and Call Location are provided if available."

Isn't that lovely. Not only is the Bush administration listening in on us, now any schmuck can find out who you're calling on your cell.

I'm just praying they can't get hold of my text messages. Have you ever drunk-texted? Not pretty.

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