Monday, January 30, 2006

People are annoying #27

Okay, what is the deal with these numbnuts who insist on paying for a
relatively tiny supermarket bill by plastic?

Now, this is absolutely true: I'm standing in the express line last night and the genius in front of me has a bill totalling $4.72 (!!!) for a carton of milk and a few other items, and, yes, my friends, whips out a card to pay.

The express line proclaims it does not accept checks -- but cards?
Not a problem.


So, Einstein swipes his card, punches in the PIN, figures if its credit or
debit (with quite a furrowed brow as he studies the machine) and then has to do it all over again when it doesn't work the first time. Then we have to wait for the approval to come through and the receipt to print out.


A transaction that should have taken less than 30 seconds, takes well over a minute.

Sweet freakin' baby jesus.

I'm sorry, but if you don't have five bucks in cash you should NOT be
allowed to walk the streets of New York, never mind go to Food Emporium.

Now, I totally realize I sound like a misanthrope sometimes, but come on.

And yes, I know it's hard to believe some lucky gal hasn't snapped me up
already, what with me being so easy going and not at all annoyed by my fellow man.

But seriously, give me a break.

Think of your fellow citizens. Stop the madness. The more you know.

Thank you.


Not a hipster said...

If you don't live in New York, is it ok to pay for small purchases with plastic?

J said...

Sure, as long as I'm not stuck in the line

Anonymous said...

Credit cards give back 5% @ supermarkets now. I don't care if my bill is $1 or $100. I want my 5%.

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