Thursday, January 05, 2006

It's a little too saucy (name the show from whence the quote)

First post. Is this like Superman Comics #1? A collector's item? Well sure, along with the other 6.3 bazillion blogs created today.

Anyway, just up front, so you know what you're getting into, in case you're accidently here on a wacky Superman comics Google (there is some fun comic book stuff coming up in a little bit though!) this is about politics (lib), living in NYC, and pop culture stuff. I dislike rightwingers. I think they are often, not always, but often, evil (EVIL!) And I dislike the media bashing from the rightwingers who claim to see all sorts of liberal bias. So let me start off the blog by excerpting from a post I made earlier today on Jeff Jarvis' site (can you plagiarize your own writing?) I find Jarvis annoying as hell sometimes, but I will give the guy this: I've posted on his comments section a few times, and bashed him -- usually in a quite juvenile fashion -- and the bastard has never banned me from his blog, so give a big Ali G up to JJ for that. Having said that, I do get annoyed at his constant belittling of the "mainsteam media" and I don't put a lot of faith in his "citizen's media" baloney. To wit: "’re right about pushing for higher standards in both worlds, the MSM and JJ’s beloved “citizen’s media.” The sad thing is, at one point the MSM (sigh: I guess we’ve been browbeaten into using it) did hold itself to higher standards. Does anyone remember during the Reagan assasination attempt when errors got broadcast about injuries, who was shot, etc. and Frank Reynolds of ABC was anchoring and literally snapped at his producers while he was on air: “Get it right, people.” Now, with the 24-hour cable news gasbags, just about anything gets on the air as soon as they can open a mic (as we painfully saw in the (West Virgina) mine incident."

I guess what I was trying to say in my rambling way is I have no hope for JJ’s “citizen’s media” to ever be holding themselves to such a standard; if they are on the scene they will blog, wifi, camphone out, whatever the hell they see, without bothering to do rudimentary Journalism 101 checking of the “facts.” I just expect the MSM to actually do their job, because we’re rarely going to get it from the Jeff Jarvis or Glenn Reynolds section of the world. The much maligned, blogosphere-hated NY Times, in fact, was properly cautious in their go-to-bed story on the WVa. mine tragedy and attributed the reports of the 12 miners being saved to “...Families Say.” I doubt we would ever see that in citizen’s media, because we sure as hell didn’t see it on Fox, MSNBC, or any other of the rightwing’s loved new media sites."

So, there ya go, long story short on this blog: I don't believe the MSM is about to be overtaken in value by "citizen's" media anytime in the next century, because while the MSM is certainly filled with dicks like Russert and Matthews, and even O'Reilly and Geraldo (truly dicks among dicks), it is still leagues above the "citizen's" media in conveying the facts you need to be an informed citizen.

And now, since I made a comic book reference at the top, check out one of my favorite sites. You can spend hours laughing at the stuff on Superdickery (if you have the time and a freakin' sense of humor. Yes, Superman is indeed a dick!


Farfarnugen said...

dick indeed, but the superman stuff is pretty good

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