Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hey teacher, leave them kids alone

I heard an interesting theory today about the recent spate of scandals in which female teachers have been arrested and charged with boffing their underage male students. It's often noted that many of the women aren't too bad looking, and the question is raised: what the hell were they thinking?

Well, the theory is that these were women who enjoyed constant male attention in high school and college, they were flirted with, pursued, hit on constantly. But then they get out in the real world. They settle down, maybe get married, are off the market, and, as they approach 30, their looks are beginning to slip just a little. All of a sudden, they're no longer the hot little chippie. At the job, though, teaching a classroom full of 14-year-olds with raging hormones, it's a different story and, boom, they are the hot catch again. And they like the attention.

Who knows? It's as good a theory as any, I guess, because, let's face it, they're not exactly finding tons of worldly charm and sophistication in an 8th grade boy.

Update: Someone asked what boffing means. Come on, it's like boinking. Everyone knows that.


Anonymous said...

I NEVER had a teacher who looked like her.

Anonymous said...

I would have stayed back if that was my teacher in 8th grade. About 4 times!

Anonymous said...

I need to be punished teacher

Anonymous said...

You guys are disgusting. But I would polish her apple if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

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