Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dollar beers - ahh, nothing says good times like brew for a buck

Life lesson #82: don't spend a Friday drinking (now, keep in mind, before you judge, this is spread throughout the day) frozen margs, bloody marys, apple martinis, and dollar beers, and expect to escape unscathed on Saturday. Can we just say cotton mouth.

I blame the dollar beers. Served in those little plastic cups no less.

Part of the evening was spent with the K girls, hearing more of their quite amusing, and, frankly, fascinating family stories. There just might be a few too many chromosomes floating around them there gals, and they're not even from Mississippi. But they're really adorable, so at least they don't look like the kid playing the banjo when Burt Reynolds meets that hillbilly mountain family in "Deliverance."

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Anonymous said...

Coke has cafeine in it so it's going to make you more dehydrated. Try ginger ale that usually works for me!

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