Friday, January 20, 2006

Does he read the Dr. Zizmor ads?

I bumped into perennial candidate Mark Green in the subway last night on my way home - and I mean literally almost bumped into him. I was going through a turnstile, he was moving to get out of the same gate, but I had already swiped my card, so he had to move aside and let me pass -- and with a little bit of an annoyed look on his face, may I add. Granted, I had partaken in a few cocktails by this point, but there were plenty of open turnstiles he could have aimed for.

You know, if he had won the election in 2001, he would be riding that big mayoral SUV instead of the "N" like the rest of us schnooks!

But, I'll vote for him anyway, he's running for state Attorney General now. He seems like a very honest politician, and one of the good guys. And, hey, he's still riding the damn subways, even though I'm sure he's probably making huge bucks as a lawyer or lobbyist these days. He's even got a blog, although he seems to limit his use of the word fucker.

So kudos, Mark. And stand clear of the closing doors.

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