Thursday, January 26, 2006

Closing the book on "Daniel"

After airing just three episodes, NBC has dropped the show "Daniel," which starred Aidan Quinn as a priest who was a tad quirky, had a Vicodin dependency, and an openly gay son. The network says it was because of low ratings.

The series had come under fire from several rightwing Christian evangelical groups, like the American Family Association, headed by noted nutball Donald Wildmon. Because, you know, God forbid any religious person get depicted as being less than perfect, or, even worse, willing to accept a homosexual as a human being. A few NBC affiliates refused to air the series after the religious freaks started complaining.

"Daniel" averaged 7.6 million viewers, which is low for a primetime broadcast program, so I'm willing to accept that the network cancelled it to cut its losses, but just the thought that some of these holy roller Christian pressure groups caused NBC to dump the show in any small way is really nauseating.

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